Mojave Radiation Oncology Medical Group

New Patients



Our main objective is to create a comfortable and supportive environment while delivering advanced treatment techniques specific to each patient’s individual care. Our approach is to have our patients feel relaxed, secure, and confident at our Center. We understand how important treatment is to each of our patients.

Ways to Become a

San Bernardino Cancer Care Center Patient

We see patients in consultation for treatment of cancers, and also certain non-cancer procedures. After your initial consultation we will contact your physician to discuss our findings and plan of treatment and care. We remain in close contact with your physician during the course of your treatment until the end.

We are most often referred to by other physicians. You can download our Referral Sheet and request that your physician refer you to us. Our goal is to work in conjunction with your referring physician(s) to obtain your precise diagnosis and work toward the best outcome or long term approach to your condition. As soon as your doctor orders your consultation or appointment with us, we will contact your referring doctor, communicate the results and may offer recommendations.

Please contact our office so we can assist you in scheduling either a consultation or an appointment. Once we’ve scheduled your appointment, we will ask you to fill out some paperwork. Please click HERE to find downloadable versions of our FORMS. Please fill out the forms requested and bring them with you to your appointment.

Please call our office to schedule your consultation or visit. Your doctor’s request can be faxed to our fax number above. If you have moved, or your information or insurance has changed; please fill out a new Patient Registration” form.

We understand sometimes it becomes necessary for you to re-schedule an appointment for consultation, treatment or follow-up. Please inform the office at least 24 hours in advance. Of course, emergencies and extreme situations will be considered. Our answering service will pick up calls when our office is closed.